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AC for Odor control

Shanxi Huajing Activated Carbon Company offer activated carbon used for odor control. Their high activity and surface area make it ideal for many vapor phase applications. Noxious compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S, hydrogen sulphide) are readily trapped through adsorption followed by chemisorption or catalytic conversion, while other organic compounds and mercaptans can be adsorbed by activated carbon.The adsorptive capacity of pelletized carbon makes it ideal for removing a variety of contaminants from air and gas streams. Pellets are also an environmentally responsible product that can be reactivated through thermal oxidation and used multiple times for the same application.

Package: generally it is 25 kg pp bags or 500/600 kg pp bags on pallet with shnirk warpped.

We also can do it according to customers' detail reqeust. Any questions, please contact us for free.