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AC for air purification

Shanxi Huajing Activated Carbon Company offer activated carbon used for air and gas purification. It is manufacturer by high temperateure steam activation of bituminous coal. This produces a porous material with a high surface area allowing it to adsorb a wide range of organic compounds. The HJ4060 activated carbon sells very well.

 Size (<6 mesh - 3.35mm) pellet  10 max
 Carbon Tetrachloride (%)  60 min
 Moisture (%)  5 max
 Ash (%)  15 max
 Hardness (%)  95 min
 Bulk Density (g/l)  470

Package: generally it is 25 kg pp bags or 500/600 kg pp bags on pallet with shnirk warpped.

We also can do it according to customers' detail reqeust. Any questions, please contact us for free.